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Alert! Please read this if you have a Cellular Communicator for your security or fire alarm system!


***2G Sunset Clause Info***

Be prepared, know your options – This may affect your existing security system
SEC, AT&T Inc. formally announced its plan to sunset 2G technology by the end of 2016. It’s important for the security industry according to an alarm communications technology expert because most cellular alarm system communicators use AT&T’s network to reach their monitoring stations.

Here’s what AT&T stated in their Aug. 3, 2012, 10-Q filings: "As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our network performance and help address the need for additional spectrum capacity, we intend to redeploy spectrum currently used for basic 2G services to support more advanced mobile Internet services on our 3G and 4G networks. We will manage this process consistent with previous network upgrades and will transition customers on a market-by-market basis from our Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) networks (referred to as 2G networks) to our more advanced 3G and 4G networks. We expect to fully discontinue service on our 2G networks by approximately January 1, 2017.”
The majority of alarm communicators uses AT&T’s 2G network, and says there are probably around 3 million of the 2G cellular alarm communicators installed in the United States. That’s complicated by the fact that 2G communicators are still the normal product installed.

Security Info Watch. “AT@T Make It Official: 2G Services Will End” August 6, 2012 “

     If you are an existing security customer of International Built-In Systems with a CSID number in the 1000’s, 4000’s, or 7000’s, it is important you contact our office @ 518-459-3993 or e-mail us at to learn more.
Please have your 4-digit CSID (Central Station Identification) # available when you call, and ask our representative about the benefits of upgrading today to prepare for 2016.
Honeywell has recently released new communicators that communicate on the 3G/4G AT@T network that we are now installing.